Pudendal Nerve Conduction Studies

Pudendal nerve is the main nerve in the pelvic region. The nerve conduction studies assess the function of the pudendal nerve and detect any abnormalities in the nerve.

Indications for the test
  • Pain in the pelvic region
  • Pudendal nerve entrapment
  • Pudendal nerve injury
  • Inability to control stool (stool incontinence)
Before the test (Preparation)
  • You will have to stop eating for a certain number of hours before the procedure.
  • Take enemas to clean out your digestive system. We ask that you take two enemas on the day of your procedure. Take the first enema 4 hours prior to leaving the house and the second enema 2 to 3 hours prior to leaving the house. Enemas can be available in the pharmacies.
  • You can drink normally before the test.
The test procedure
  • Local anesthetic will be applied around the anus.
  • The doctor will test the nerve function through the anus.
After the test
  • you may feel minimal discomfort for a few minutes after the test.
  • You can resume normal activities immediately after the test.
Test Duration

The test takes five to ten minutes.

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